Why everything–anything–goes wrong

“When God created man, he made him in the likeness of God. He created them male and female and blessed them. And when they were created, he called them “adam.” — Genesis 5:1 (NIV, marginal reading)

It is best to regard Adam and Eve not so much the first individuals as generic humanity. Both male and female are “adam,” and God intended them to be the god of this world. His answer to Job in Job 38-42 then is not the mean-spirited rant it may first appear. It is the job description of the god of this world, which he intended the human race collectively to fulfill.

That never happened. Adam (collectively) was given a garden to maintain, with godlike authority over it. God blessed them, told them to multiply, gave them rulership over every other living thing, and gave them every plant for food–except one.

And then God left the god of this world alone, for the same purpose as the Holy Spirit led Jesus to the wilderness: to be tempted by the devil. Sure enough, Satan pointed out the one forbidden tree and convinced Adam (all right, the woman) that God was stingy and dishonest in withholding it.

The future of the world hung in the balance. Whom would Adam obey? The woman could have trusted the man and God; she did not. The man could have taken authority and cast the serpent out of the garden; he did not.

Adam committed high treason in choosing to obey the voice of Satan rather than God. Adam subordinated all of his authority not to God, but to Satan. Both Jesus and Paul use “god of this world” or “ruler of this world” in reference to Satan, not “adam.”

Why do humans make war against each other? Satan, whose only objective is to destroy what God created, is god of this world. Why do we have to deal with famine, disease epidemics, slow painful death from cancer? Satan is god of this world. Why do we suffer destruction from tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanos, mudslides, etc.? Satan is god of this world.

Generations upon generations of humanity has been wondering how a loving God could allow all of this evil. He didn’t. We did.

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