The most popular of 100 posts on Grace and Judgment

It hardly seems possible, but since beginning this blog at the end of October 2009, I have posted more than 100 Bible studies and devotionals. Allow me to reminisce a little and highlight the most popular posts so far.

Who are you calling evil?
Jesus prefaced a comment saying, “If you, then, being evil. . .” But no one took offense at him. Wouldn’t most of the audience be offended today?

Prayer that really works
I have learned that instead of asking for my will to be done, I can ask God to conform me to the image of Jesus. When I ask for a blessing, I keep an open mind about what it is.

Thoughts on the night sky
Does the vastness of the night sky make you feel small and insignificant? Even David wondered what value mankind has. But then he turned his attention to the greatness of God and discovered man’s significance.

Speaking what’s right of God: thoughts from Job on pride and humility
Three friends came to comfort Job in his affliction and got into a nasty argument again. God sided with Job, but only after he took back everything he said in the argument.

Robbing God in tithes and offerings
As Christians, we don’t pay tithes to the church. We pay them to God. Or, if we don’t pay, we do not rob the church. We rob God.

A prayer Jesus answered, but did not grant
Jesus always had compassion. The disciples, not always compassionate, sympathized with a crowd of people late in the afternoon and urged Jesus to let them go so they could go back home and get some food. He had a better idea.

When I am afraid. . . I will not be afraid
When you find yourself threatened by what seems endless turmoil and chaos, confront your fear as David did: trust God. Maybe the turmoil won’t go away, but the fear will.

Fear of God: the wrong way
In Jesus’ Parable of the Ten Minas, one servant buried his mina in the ground out of fear of his master. Proper fear of God recognizes his love and does not prevent us from doing works for him.

Is not his word like a fire?
The Bible speaks of consuming fire and refiner’s fire. Everyone’s works will be tested by fire. It may feel like punishment and judgment, but in God’s hands, fire is a tool of grace that destroys only sin.

Jesus, the towel, and us
On the night before Jesus was betrayed, he took the bread. Before that, he took the towel. Why is that not as much a symbol of Christianity as the cross or the communion elements?

Next words of Jesus: wait for the gift
God’s ways are not like our ways. All of the gospels end with Jesus’ commandment “go.” No one wanted to. Forty days after the resurrection, when everyone was eager and confident, the book of Acts opens with the commandment “wait.”

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