What I have learned about the readers of Grace and Judgment

I have been writing Grace and Judgment since October 2009, so 2010 marks the first complete calendar year of its existence. I will be studying statistics for the year carefully to see how I can build on the blog’s successes and improve on the weaknesses I discover. Meanwhile, I will use a post to share what I have learned about the people who read it, to introduce you to each other.

People have visited Grace and Judgment from 57 different countries representing every inhabited planet on Earth. Almost 58% of traffic comes from search engines, 30% from referring sites, and the rest from direct traffic, which I understand includes people’s bookmarks. Not everyone who has visited has stayed very long or come back, so by readers, I mean the 244 of you who have returned at least once.

I’m not sure how to interpret all of the numbers of visits I find in Google Analytics into numbers of visitors, but more than 9% of all visits represent someone’s 100th visit or more.

As for repeat visits, more than 9% of all visits came on the same day as that person’s previous visit. About 18% of visits represent someone returning in a week or less. On the other hand, some people came back after an absence of four months or more. Grace and Judgment has both readers who come frequently and people who remember and come back much later. I appreciate you all.

On most visits, someone looks at only one page. It is difficult to separate those visitors who stop to read from those who take a glance and move on. On 15% of visits, someone has looked at anywhere from 2 to more than 20 pages. More than 6% of visits last at least 3 minutes.

My goal with Grace and Judgment has always been to explain the meaning of Scripture in a way that both instructs and inspires. I want to do my part in changing lives and changing the world. Clearly, some of you enjoy it very much and keep coming back. By this time next year, I hope there will be a lot more of you, both in terms of numbers and as a percentage of total visitors.

Your feedback on the poll questions and in comments on posts will help. I’m also on Twitter (@dmguion and @allpurp0seguru), Facebook (including an All-Purpose Guru fan page), and Linked-In.

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