Why we work, or, ants vs sluggards

I don’t much like ants. They’re the uninvited guests at every picnic. It’s even worse when they get in the house. I’m not talking a few ants wandering around here and there. My wife and I sometimes get whole armies of ants marching through our kitchen. I hate to think how much flour and other staples we have had to throw out because the ants got to them. So when we see any, it becomes a state of war until they don’t come around any more.

On the other hand, outside and well away from the house, it’s kind of fun to watch ants, especially while they carry something bigger than they are.… Read the rest

The parable of the rich fool

When Jesus told a parable, the story concerned familiar situations of his time. Sometimes we must translate it from his culture to ours. Other times we can find its familiarity downright embarrassing. Such is the parable of the rich fool (Luke 12:16-21).

A farmer has produced such an abundance of crops that his success has outgrown his barns. He decides to tear them down and have bigger ones built in their place. With careful planning and sharp business practices, he should never have to work again, and he intends to relax and enjoy what he has provided for himself.

Jesus’ parable did not end well for the farmer.… Read the rest