What does it mean to praise the Lord?

I used to have a lot of trouble dealing with praise in the psalms. So much of it seemed to consist of telling others to praise God, and perhaps the louder the better, but just what is praise? Going around shouting “Praise the Lord” just doesn’t cut it. The first three verses of Psalm 66 demonstrate both my problem and what I eventually learned about praise.

The first verse says, “Make a joyful noise to God, all the earth.” In other words, the throng of people gathered at the temple for worship are not content to offer their own praise. They invite all people anywhere on earth to join them.… Read the rest

Praise and Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving day, the nation pauses to render thanks for the blessings we have received. We commemorate the thanksgiving banquet celebrated by the Pilgrims for a bountiful harvest following a rough winter. As our society becomes more secular and materialistic, it seems that our giving of thanks to God can easily become perfunctory.

Just before I started to write this post, I received A Word on Gratitude from a professional blogger. I do not know if he is Christian or not, but I found his words so refreshing I decided to share them with you.

My intention for this post is to focus attention not on thanksgiving itself, but praise.… Read the rest