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Osama bin Laden and the love of God — 3 Comments

  1. I totally agree. Rejoice in the death of someone who was sought after for crimes against humanity, that was far from me to do. When a major news network showed the faces or our President and Hillary Clintom, they were obviously caught off guard by what they saw. If one thing is for certain, God was not smiling at the celebration over the death of this man.

  2. I agree, the separation of anyone from God forever is nothing to rejoice about. In fact scripture tells us clearly that God wants none to perish. Also at another place in the Bible it tells us there is rejoicing in Heaven when a sinner repents. I believe the rejoicing is due to the fact that now a soul will get to spend eternity with God as was initially intended. Lastly, the word of God tells us that when we do make it to heaven there will first be a period of silence (the space of about 30 minutes, what ever that means in a realm outside of time). I also believe that silence will be due to the realziation and respect for the love that God had for those who didn’t make it. The only one we have to judge is ourselves so lets all strive to do our best and live for God so we can see each other on the other side! God Bless

    • Thank you, Rick and Nathaniel. I appreciate the value you have added with your comments. Truly Christians ought to resist all temptation to act and think as the world does. Easier agreed with than acted on.

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