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Prayer is like a barbed wire fence — 5 Comments

  1. In my prayer time this morning God kept showing me a barbed wire fence. I asked the Lord for clarity and I came across this article. It was helpful. Thank you

  2. I had a dream that I was thrown into a bardwire fence, I woke up hearing myself making a sound. Well I looked up the word and came across your article, I truly thank you for clarifying through the word of God. Again thank you for your obedience

  3. On Sunday in morning worship I saw a barbwire fence, brand new. I asked God for the meaning. Is it spiritual, psychical boundaries or something I should or should not do. All I saw is that it was pushed down of what I could feel, by the Holy Spirit. I searched for an explanation and fell upon this. Taking everything into account I rea)listed that God is speaking. we are in a fast and prayer for our elections (SA

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