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Faith, sin, unrighteousness, and free will — 2 Comments

  1. I want to focus on the first part of your hub. This is interesting. You talk about those who have never heard of Christ and the Gospel. You say that is a non existent category. I am asking specifically about those who have not heard the Gospel of Christ. You seem to say that there is salvation for them outside the Gospel. Will there be people in heaven who did not consciously put their faith in Christ as a result of hearing the Gospel? I know about the verses in Romans and 1Corinthians that talk about the revelation of God through nature and conscience. If someone who never Heard the Gospel, but acknowledged God’s existence as a result of following his own conscience and seeing God revealed in nature, make it to heaven? I would like you to read my hub at http://cam8510.hubpages.com/hub/Abandoning-an-Absurd-Gospel. If you could find time to read it and comment, I would appreciate it. You could look at my profile to see a bit about me. Thanks for writing and sharing your thoughts.

    • There is no salvation for anyone outside the gospel. The fact that anyone can be saved at all is the gospel (good news).

      As far as people who have never explicitly heard the preaching of the gospel with their ears is concerned, you say you are familiar with the verses in Romans and 1 Corinthians. That is as much of an answer as any of us will ever get in this lifetime. God knows their hearts. We can’t. God will judge them with both justice and mercy, as he will judge everyone else.

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