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  1. Thanks for the needful reminder. This fits well what I am teaching tomorrow – Hebrews 12:1-3 – our need to fix our look toward Jesus. As a trombonist, it reminds me of the need to position my music stand so that at all times I can see the conductor’s every move, even when reading the music before me.
    And what Jesus are we to see? The only one that is! He is not still on a cross. He is not at the grave. He is ascended to heaven where he sits in glory!

    • Thanks for your comment, Dan. We still need to remember Jesus on the cross and in the grave, and for that matter we need to remember him in the manger and traveling around Galilee and wherever else he went. But we certainly can’t follow him unless we remember that he has risen and is no longer in any of those places.

      Another Sunday school teaching trombonist! Spot on about watching the conductor. No matter how well we think we’re playing our part, if we’re out of tempo, it’s wrong.

      Did you know I have a music blog with lots of trombone content?

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