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Noah’s flood, God’s wrath? — 5 Comments

  1. Dear Christian,

    I challenge you to watch this short, but very provocative video clip regarding the morality of your God’s act of killing so many little children in Noah’s Flood. If after watching this video clip you can still assert that your God and your belief system is good and moral, I will strongly and sincerely recommend that you see a mental health professional.


    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Gary. I watched the video. It’s nothing more than a rant by a closed-minded man who has prejudged the story–and God–without making any discernible attempt to understand either. As a reasonable person, I don’t find a mere display of sarcasm persuasive. I stand by the word of God and what I wrote about it.

  2. God allowed me to find out before her birth that my daughter had DS. He touched my heart and prepared me during my pregnancy for the gift to come. I could NOT WAIT for the day to meet her! I would not change one thing about our lives. She has brought me so much laughter, joy and wisdom. Her name is Athena, the goddess of Wisdom, and she has taught me more than she will ever know. I always tell people that she was brought into our lives to teach us what TRUE unconditional love is all about. True connection to Heaven to have this lesson right before our eyes!

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