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Did God Command Genocide in Canaan? — 3 Comments

    • Thanks Bosco,

      You mentioned on Facebook that the verb in Genesis 19:5 is generally translated “know.” But in Genesis 4:1, where the KJV says that Adam knew his wife, it clearly means that he knew her carnally. And that is how the word has been interpreted in Genesis 19:5 for centuries. Nearly all modern translations render the verb as meaning some kind of sexual relationship. Non-consensual sex is rape. A man raping another man commits homosexual rape. All the men of the city wanting to have non-consensual sex with Lot’s guests certainly means that they intended to commit homosexual gang rape. The text is amply clear and explicit on that point.

  1. God did not command Israel to commit genocide. He commanded Israel to execute “MASS MURDER”.

    Wow! Thanks! That really explains it. Go is good

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