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  1. Unfortunately, your reflection is based on mistranslations of the original: Ἰουδαίους is Judeans; and πεπιστευκότας is not past tense in your sense of “but no longer did”, rather it is a Perfect Active Participle describing those Judeans who had come to believe in Jesus – there is nothing in that participle suggesting that faith was no longer the case. Blessings.

    • We conversed about this on a Facebook group. For the benefit of readers here, the discussion included the ways English translations have rendered the verse and other points of grammar. He is qualified to comment on how to translate and interpret Greek verbs. I am not. I note, however, that Jesus accused this group of people of trying to kill him, which hardly seems like they were active believers. Rev. Peters and I agree that there are active opponents of Jesus within the church.

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