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Joseph and Mary in Jerusalem: Leaving Jesus behind — 11 Comments

  1. “When we leave it behind, it can be a long time before we notice. It can take even longer to remember where we were and what we were doing the last time we noticed him. Then we have to go looking for Jesus.”

    Hmmm, may I not leave Jesus behind. Amen.

  2. In this story in Luke’s Gospel Jesus replies to
    his mother who admonished him that what had he to do with her as he was about his,’Heavenly
    Father’s business. How does this sit with Mary later becoming the Queen of Heaven, as the Som of Man addresses his mother as ‘woman’, appearing to us as impolite and dismissive.

    Thank you,


    • Biblically, the Queen of Heaven was a pagan goddess, an object of false worship. The Roman church intended to honor her by giving her that title, but it’s really no honor at all. And in today’s culture, addressing someone as “woman” appears impolite and dismissive. But did it appear so in the very different culture Jesus lived in? Jesus said all kinds of things that offended the people he was talking to, but he also said all kinds of things that would offend us today but clearly, from the context, did not offend his hearers. By the way, in this story, Jesus does not address his mother as “woman.” He simply asked his parents why they didn’t know where to find him. The story concludes that Mary treasured these things. You seem to think that she should have been offended. She was not.

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