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Why is Rahab the harlot in the Bible? An unlikely heroine — 3 Comments

  1. They have to repeat that Rahab is a harlot to make their point, but it’s a little unfair. Salmon “Made an honest woman of her” to quote an old saying. This is a wonderful story of God’s Grace. Rahab mirrors the people Jesus hung on the cross to save. “I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” Mark 2:17

    You brought this story to life.

  2. Very interesting thoughts concerning Rahab, I wonder why she retained that title if she was truly converted which she obviously was by her risk taking to protect God’s men who cam to spy out the land…I think that even today we continue to remind folks of someones former sin and lifestyle…as we minister among Muslims and they are converted, we continue to identify them by their home background…why is that? “they are a converted Muslim or Mormon etc.
    Tis true , we are all sinners saved by grace and grace alone…I was blessed to have grown up in a missionary/pastors family where Christ was lived and taught from my childhood until I left home as an adult…

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