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Is Revelation scary? A calm look at a disturbing book — 4 Comments

  1. I have always had a difficult time understanding Revelation. I have tried. Now, you have inspired me to want to study it deeper. Thank you! God bless.

  2. I just don’t get it…. Why would God destroy the world?… we’re just mere flesh n blood… we’re nothing special…. We lived our lives, and when it’s time to go according to God… why won’t he leave us in peace??… we’re DEAD…. We loved our lives… it’s over… it’s not like we’re getting a seconds chance.. so I’d like to think that God has no more in store for us?… or am I wrong??… with all the scariness in this world.. Gods going to take it away anyway… what happens when we’re gone???…. I just don’t get it… and I BELIEVE IN HIM… I just don’t understand, that’s all…?

    • Evidently, you believe that God exists, which is not the same thing as believing in God as revealed in Scripture. The church today has almost entirely stopped teaching about sin, and it’s the reality of sin that answers all your questions. I pray that you will find people, perhaps a Bible study group, that can explain it to you. In the meantime, look for other posts here about the fall.

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