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How ungodly men started the world system: how God redeems it — 4 Comments

  1. You have this basically wrong. Note that God began His work of redemption for human sinners and His creation that they had corrupted with their rebellion against Him by killing a couple innocent animals and clothing Adam and Eve with their skins so that their sinful condition would be covered by the bloody atonement of these animals and they could once again appear in God’s holy presence where God could continue to work with them in the management of His creatures (See Genesis 3:21). God did this before He expelled them from the “garden”. Note that Abel, Adam’s son, apparently learned the value of blood sacrifices (See Genesis 4:4) probably from Adam. At the time of Seth’s birth to Adam and Eve and the birth of Enosh to Seth (Adam’s grandson) “people began to call upon the name of the Lord” (Genesis 4:26). Adam and Eve lived for hundreds of years and continued to produce many children. One of his great-grandsons, Enoch, the son of Jared was so faithful in his “walk with God” that God “took him” (Genesis 5:22-23) and he did not die, and this was centuries before Abraham began his life of faithful service.

  2. You have a valid point about Cain and his descendants. Apparently Abel’s offering was accepted by God because he made it from the “firstborn of his flock” (Genesis 4:4), not because it was a bloody sacrifice. I still assume that Adam had some proper spiritual influence upon him that wasn’t accepted by his brother Cain. I note in the record of God’s revelation and work throughout the Bible that the spiritual influence of His holy work for His human creatures always varied from generation to generation in accord with it acceptance by faithful individuals whom He called and anointed to share in His redemptive work among His human creatures. My point is that God did not wait for Abraham to come into His presence to begin His redemptive work with His human creatures.

    • I must not have made myself clear enough. Of course God began to redeem the human race immediately after the fall. But this post isn’t about the redemption of humanity. It’s about the redemption of what humans created in their fallen condition. I don’t see the beginning of his redemption of cities and empires and “civilization” until Abraham. Thank you for your comment and the opportunity it gives me to try to clarify my rather more limited intention.

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